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At Comparison Shopping Inc. our ultimate goal is to help consumers make better buying decisions. We do this by comparison shopping companies within each niche and recommending the top performers.  Our methodology is explained in general terms below...
Badges are assigned by level of accreditation.
*NOTE: Not all companies qualify or even choose to participate in accreditation.  DENIED APPROVAL badges are displayed for companies that either did not meet our minimum criteria for approval - or did not respond to our request(s) for information.
The overall Rating displayed for each company is based on a combined average of our internal review team (Editor's) and past customers (User's) scores.
Companies are featured in the "Top Companies" page of each category.  The default order is by accreditation level first and from highest to lowest rating within in each level.  Users can also sort by "User Ratings" or "Overall Score".
- This website is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace legal, medical or expert advice.
- The Comparison Shopping Network receives compensation through advertising, membership and affiliate relationships with some companies featured on our sites. 
- If you are affiliated with a company featured on this site and wish to change, remove or otherwise dispute information about your company, please contact us.
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